lunes, 28 de abril de 2008



Title: 9 & Dine
Description: A man plays to the golf in unusual places.

Interferences was performed: CASTLE of IMAGINATION (POLAND) and the Western Front (VANCOUVER)

9 & Dine ( Ustka, Poland)

9 holes of golf 8:17 AM over the Slupia River within the industrial fishing village of Ustka Poland followed by Breakfast.

9 & Dine (Gdansk, Poland)

9 holes of golf 4:12 PM within the industrial landscape of Gdansk shipyard followed by a Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner labour day 2003.

9 & Dine (Vancouver, Canada)

9 holes of golf 12:07 PM within the urban Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver, followed by lunch at the Nice Café.

John G. Boehme's work integrates new practices with a trans-disciplinary approach often incorporating performance, sculpture, photography, video, digital technology, and installation. Over the past decade John has developed an extensive exhibition record both nationally and internationally. From full Brazilian waxes in Chile to surfing in Newfoundland and Golfing in a Gdansk shipyard and selling cheap goods from a hole in the ground of Minsk, John has participated in events, screenings and exhibitions across North and South America, China, France, UK, Wales, Scotland, Finland, Spain, Poland, N. Ireland, Berlin, Minks, Italy, Serbia and Montenegro. With pending events in China, France, Newfoundland and Vancouver. While also teaching as at the University of Victoria, Camosun and Brentwood Colleges.