martes, 9 de septiembre de 2008



Title: Intemperies

Description: The performer took a ladder and placed it at an entrance to a street in an area of fluent circulation. He would go up and down the ladder and carried out minimal or unfathomable operations blocking the way out automobiles. The drivers who approached the scene slowed down and avoided him. Some lingered on to insult or to utter contemptuous comments. Someone must have thought the man was actually crazy and called the police. A police patrol arrived and questioned those of us who where observing the performer. After dutiful explanations, the police left meekly. The performer went on. Suddenly, he improvised a hat made with newspapers, put it on and set it on fire so it seemed that his head was on fire. Finally, the interferer took his ladder and cleared the way.
Interference was performed at Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2005 in Interferencias - Encuentro Internacional de Arte Acción. Curator: Silvio De Gracia